Texas Portrait Booth

100% Customizable Photo Booth Experience

McLendon Photography’s Texas Portrait Booth goes above and beyond to bring you the highest quality images available and makes the process effortless for your guests.  It is truly the hit of every event.  Located in Austin, Texas, we bring our famous portrait booth all over the state and nationwide just to make your event extraordinary.  Imagine you and your guests walking away from an event with images that you can decorate your home with.

Customization is key.   You want your event to represent who you are.  Whether you are a bride or a corporation, you want your event to show off your elegant taste at the highest level.  We can customize everything about our portrait booth.  The lighting, the backdrop, the prints, and even the post processing, giving you a look that no other photo booth can create.  We even have our Texas Portrait Booth mini for events on a budget.  Whether you have a large budget or a small budget, we can get you covered.